Sworn translations

Van Dael Translation is certified in Belgium as a sworn translator for French-Dutch, Spanish-Dutch and English-Dutch language combinations. We are listed in the National Register of Sworn Translators.

What is a sworn translation?

For translations of legal documents to be legally valid they must be produced by a court-approved translator. This is what is meant by a sworn translation. For instance, sworn translators undertake the translation of birth certificates, academic degrees and other qualifications, notarial documents, as well as contracts, residence documents, supporting evidence and other legal documents. The sworn translator must also be able to prove that he has particular professional expertise and can produce high-quality translations in the relevant language combination.

Are you looking for a sworn translator in Belgium?

Van Dael Translation is a sworn translator of French-Dutch, Spanish-Dutch and English-Dutch language combinations. We provide sworn translations with a seal, signature and declaration of conformity. Our clients are law firms, notaries, bailiffs, and other legal and financial institutions.

Do you need sworn translations for use abroad?

If you require a sworn translation to be used overseas, a number of additional administrative procedures are required. Van Dael Translation is happy to guide you through every step in the legalisation of sworn translations abroad.

Contact Van Dael Translation for sworn translations of:

  • birth certificates
  • academic degrees and other qualifications
  • notarial documents
  • contracts
  • residence documents
  • deeds of sale
  • legal documents
  • certificates of good character
  • family composition certificates
  • divorce certificates

Sworn translations

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