Translation of financial documents

The translation of financial documents is best done by professionals who are not only specialists in both source and target language, but also have the necessary professional expertise and relevant experience. For over 20 years, Van Dael Translation has been the go-to translation partner for companies, banks, and public authorities requiring financial documents to be translated from or into Dutch, French, Spanish and English.

Why should you have your financial documents translated?

The translation of financial documents demands painstaking work, precise language, and discretion. The translator must have a good understanding of the workings of complex financial products, arrangements, and regulations.

In the financial sector, a relationship of trust between the various parties is crucial: accurate, clearly worded translations are essential to achieving this. We have sworn translators who are both professional and discreet, and can be entrusted with the financial translation of annual reports, prospectuses, pension proposals, and investor information. We offer the most reliable guarantee the market can offer: that of proven expertise.

Translation of financial documents in Dutch, French, Spanish and English

The translation of financial documents from and into Dutch, French, Spanish and English requires precise and experienced translators. At Van Dael Translation, your translations are in the expert hands of native-speaking translators.

Contact Van Dael Translation for translations of:

annual reports

financial reports for bank clients

key investor information (KIID or Key Investor Information Document)

prospectus of financial instruments

presentations of new financial products

future-oriented statements

articles of association

insurance contracts

commercial texts

Translation of financial documents

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