Translation of legal documents

For over 20 years Van Dael Translation’s particular area of expertise has been legal translations into and from Dutch, French, Spanish and English. We provide translations of legal documents such as court summons, deeds, legal notices, statutes, etc., with complete accuracy and confidentiality guaranteed.

Why use the services of a legal translator?

There is a lot at stake in legal translations, because a small mistake can lead to errors of interpretation with potentially significant consequences. Carelessness and vagueness are therefore not options.

Professional translators of legal and institutional texts are few and far between, as it takes a great deal of time and effort to acquire the necessary professional knowledge and real understanding of the legal systems in both source and target cultures. A smooth legal process is only possible if the translation of a court summons, a deed or a legal notice is 100% accurate and fulfills all legal requirements. Effective administration also demands clear use of language and precise translation of statutes, ministerial decisions, agreements, and other policy documents.

Legal translations: Dutch, French, Spanish and English

For more than 20 years Van Dael Translations has worked for lawyers, notaries, bailiffs and other legal authorities. We are experts in the correct terminology required for all your legal translations in our working languages of Dutch, French, Spanish and English. We can also provide you with sworn translations. In entrusting this translation work to professionals who work quickly and confidentially, you will have more time to devote to the essentials.

Contact Van Dael Translation for legal translations of:

court summons

legal notices


European arrest warrants

rental agreements

terms and conditions

notification forms (EU)

international letters rogatory

documents for a leading law firm

judicial procedural documents for use in a European court

Translation of legal documents

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