Translations of property contracts (France & Spain)

Buying a holiday home or moving permanently to France or Spain? Great news, but first you should call on Van Dael Translation to translate all your official documents. Whether you require birth certificates or property contracts, legal documents, or energy certificates, we can translate all necessary property documentation from and into Dutch, French, Spanish or English.

Why should you have property contracts translated?

In order to ensure untroubled enjoyment of your holiday home or property in France or Spain, you must be in possession of a number of legal documents, which should be submitted in the language of the country where you make the purchase. Equally, it is vital that you know exactly, down to the fine print, what you are signing in the offices of your French or Spanish estate agent, notary, lawyer or financial institution. You don't want to put your signature to a deed or loan which you only partially understand.

Knowledge of the local property sector in France or Spain is a distinct advantage when translating these official property documents. Van Dael Translations has offices in Belgium and Spain and was located in France for many years. Moreover, as legal translators we are familiar with the terminology and able to provide sworn translations if required.

Translation of property contracts: Dutch, French, Spanish and English

Van Dael Translation provides prompt, flexible and expert translations of all official property documents from and into Dutch, French, Spanish and English. In providing accurate translations we are able to assist private individuals and companies seeking to purchase property in France or Spain, and guarantee them peace of mind as they enjoy their property in the sun.

Contact Van Dael Translation for translations of:


rental and purchase agreements

notarial sale deeds

bank documents

insurance documents

birth certificates

energy certificates

supporting documentation for property tax

Foreigner Identification Number (NIE) card (Spanish residence permit)

Translations of property contracts (France & Spain)

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